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EVERBRIGHT’ll provide mineral and by-product ammonium chloride, please contact us, can provide you with different content, whiteness, mesh of products, including shipping packaging specifications and styles can also be customized, we will provide you with the latest product and industry market information and product samples free of charge.

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Ammonium chloride, abbreviated as ammonium chloride, is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula NH4Cl, which refers to the ammonium salt of hydrochloric acid and is mostly a by-product of the alkali industry. Nitrogen content 24% ~ 26%, white or yellowish square or octahedral small crystals, powder and granular two forms, granular ammonium chloride is not easy to absorb moisture, easy to store, and powder ammonium chloride more used as the basic fertilizer production compound fertilizer. It is a physiological acid fertilizer. It should not be applied on acid soil and saline-alkali soil because of its high chlorine content. It should not be used as seed fertilizer, rice fertilizer or leaf fertilizer. The fertilizer efficiency of ammonium chloride in paddy field is high and stable, because chlorine not only inhibits nitrification in paddy field, but also facilitates the formation of rice stalk fiber, increases toughness, and reduces lodging and infestation of rice.

ammonium chloride

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product name

ammonium chloride

chemical reaction


formula weight


CAS accession No


EINECS Accession No


melting point

340 ℃

boiling point

520 ℃


Easy to dissolve


2.15 g/cm³


white powder



Security description


Dangerous symbol




Accurate quality


UN Dangerous No




Application Industry

1. It can be used as raw material to manufacture dry batteries and accumulators, other ammonium salts, electroplating additives and metal welding flux;
2. Used as dyeing aid, also used for tinning and galvanizing, tanning leather, medicine, candle making, adhesive, chromizing, precision casting;
3. Used in medicine, dry battery, fabric printing and dyeing, detergent;
4. Used as crop fertilizer, suitable for rice, wheat, cotton, hemp, vegetables and other crops;
5. Used as an analytical reagent, such as preparation of ammonia-ammonium chloride buffer solution. Used as a support electrolyte in electrochemical analysis. Arc stabilizer for emission spectrum analysis, interference inhibitor for atomic absorption spectrum analysis, test of composite fiber viscosity;
6. Medicinal ammonium chloride used as expectorant and diuretic, expectorant;
7. Yeast feed (mainly used in beer brewing); Dough conditioner. Generally used after mixing with sodium bicarbonate, the dosage is about 25% of sodium bicarbonate, or the amount of wheat flour 10-20g //kg. Mainly used in bread, biscuits and so on. Processing aid (GB 2760-96)

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25kg/bag 50kg/bag 1000kg/bag
open port
logistics service
We have long logistics experience and strict logistics control system, can cope with most of the logistics needs, but also according to your specific requirements to provide tailored packaging, and many freight forwarders cooperation for many years, can be timely delivery.

ammonium chloride


1.Q: Do you accept small orders?
A: Yes. If you are a small retailer or start-up, we would like to grow with you. We look forward to a long relationship with you.
2.Q: What is the price? Can you come down a little?
A: The interests of our customers are always at the core of our services. Prices are negotiable under different conditions and we guarantee that you will receive competitive prices.
3. Q: Do you offer free samples?
A: Of course. Tell us the details of the products you need, and we'll send you a sample on the same day.
4.Q: Can you deliver the goods on time?
A: Of course! We have been focusing on this field for many years, and have a perfect logistics system. Many customers have reached long-term cooperation with us because we can provide products on time.
5.Q: Is there a quality inspection report for the product?
We control the quality of our products above all else. All batches of products are tested with COA certificate, which will be shown to you when you make enquiries.
6.Q: Where to place an order?
Please chat with us directly, or you can send us an inquiry and we will arrange your order accordingly once all details have been finalized.

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