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Sodium sulfate is sulfate and sodium ion synthesis of salt, chemical formula Na2SO4, sodium sulfate soluble in water, its solution is mostly neutral, soluble in glycerol but not soluble in ethanol. Inorganic compounds, high purity, fine particles of anhydrous matter known as powder. A white, odorless, bitter crystal or powder with hygroscopic properties. The shape is colorless, transparent, large crystals or small granular crystals. Sodium sulfate exposed to air is easy to absorb water, resulting in sodium sulfate decahydrate, also known as glauber's nitrate, alkaline. Mainly used in the manufacture of water glass, glass, porcelain glaze, pulp, cooling agent, detergent, desiccant, dye thinner, analytical chemical reagents, pharmaceuticals, feed and so on. At 241℃ sodium sulfate transforms into hexagonal crystals. Sodium sulfate is one of the most commonly used post-treatment desiccant in organic synthesis laboratories. Upstream raw materials include sulfuric acid, caustic soda, etc.

sodium sulfate

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sodium sulfate



Other Names

Glauber Salt





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White Powder


Detergent  Dyeing factory,Glass factory

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Sateri or Sinopec

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SodiumSulphate Anhydrous 99%


White Podwer


Detergent/dyeing etc.


Industrial grade


1000kg/50kg/25kg Plastic Woven Bag

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Cool Dry Place





Application Industry

1.chemical industry used for the manufacture of sodium sulfide sodium silicate water glass and other chemical products.
2.paper industry used in the manufacture of kraft pulp cooking agent. industry to replace soda as a cosolvent.
4.the textile industry is used to deploy Vinylon spinning coagulant.
5.used in nonferrous metal metallurgy, leather and other aspects.
6.used to make sodium sulfide, pulp, glass, water glass, porcelain glaze, also used as a purgative and antidote for barium salt poisoning. It's a byproduct of making hydrochloric acid from table salt and sulfuric acid. Chemical used in the manufacture of sodium sulfide, sodium silicate, etc. The laboratory is used to wash away barium salts. Industrial as NaOH and H2SO4 raw materials, also used in paper, glass, printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber, leather, etc. Sodium sulfate is one of the most commonly used post-treatment desiccant in organic synthesis laboratories.
7.mainly used as a filler for synthetic detergent. A cooking agent used in the paper industry to make kraft pulp. Used in the glass industry as a substitute for soda ash. Used in the chemical industry as raw materials for the manufacture of sodium sulfide, sodium silicate and other chemical products. Textile industry used to prepare vinylon spinning coagulation bath. Used in the pharmaceutical industry as a laxative. Also used in nonferrous metallurgy, leather and other aspects.
8.make the hydration product calcium sulfoaluminate faster generation, thus speeding up the hydration hardening speed of cement. The content of sodium sulfate is generally 0.5% ~ 2% of the cement quality, can improve the early strength of concrete 50% ~ 100%, 28 days of strength sometimes increased, sometimes reduced, increase the range of about 10%, with cement varieties, curing conditions and its content and different. It is also used as filler for synthetic detergent, and also used in paper industry, glass industry, chemical industry, textile industry and pharmaceutical industry.
9.used as analytical reagents, such as dehydrating agent, digestion catalyst when fixing nitrogen, interference inhibitor in atomic absorption spectrometry analysis. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.
10.used in chemical industry, paper making and glass, dye, printing and dyeing and pharmaceutical industry, in synthetic fiber, leather, nonferrous metallurgy, porcelain glaze manufacturing also has applications, also used in detergent and soap as additives. sulfate galvanized can be used as buffer to stabilize the pH value of the bath.

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25kg/bag 50kg/bag 1000kg/bag
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We have long logistics experience and strict logistics control system, can cope with most of the logistics needs, but also according to your specific requirements to provide tailored packaging, and many freight forwarders cooperation for many years, can be timely delivery.

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