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Yangzhou EVERBRIGHT in February 2017, Yangzhou Everbright Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhou, a beautiful city in China's Yangtze River Delta. The company specializes in the domestic and foreign trade sales of various basic chemical products. The registered capital of the company is 10 million yuan, and it has three sales and service centers in Yangzhou, Wuhan and Guangzhou. In 2023, through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, the annual sales of various basic chemical products more than 450,000 tons.



With professional knowledge and quality service, the company's customer base and sales in detergent, glass, printing and dyeing textile, paper making, fertilizer, water treatment, oil mining and other domestic and foreign industries have increased year by year, and has established long-term stable cooperative relations with leading enterprises in the industry.

The company has good supply chain management capabilities, with a series of high-quality mineral products and by-products anhydrous sodium sulfate, industrial salt, calcium chloride, baking soda, soda ash and other manufacturers. At the same time, our company has a strong water transport, land transport, shipping agency partners. With the storage conditions of 150,000 tons of storage capacity, we can provide efficient services and better resource integration for domestic and foreign customers.

The company has always been committed to becoming a professional-oriented, service-oriented professional integrated service provider in the global chemical industry. We hope to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

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Any chemical you need, in one place.

One -Stop Shopping  The product line sold covers washing; Textile printing and dyeing; Glass; Paper making; Agricultural fertilizer; Water treatment; Mining and other fields of basic and emerging chemical raw materials.


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