Citric Acid

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It is an important organic acid, colorless crystal, odorless, has a strong sour taste, easily soluble in water, mainly used in food and beverage industry, can be used as sour agent, seasoning agent and preservative, preservative, can also be used in chemical, cosmetic industry as an antioxidant, plasticizer, detergent, anhydrous citric acid can also be used in food and beverage industry.

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Anhydrous crystal (content ≥99%)

Monohydrate crystal (content ≥98%)

 (Scope of application reference ‘product usage’)

Citric acid monohydrate and anhydrous citric acid in the field of application, chemical properties and physical properties are different, citric acid monohydrate is mainly used in food, beverage, chemical industry, makeup industry, unstable after high temperature, and anhydrous citric acid is mainly used in chemical manufacturing, weathering and deliquination, the density and melting point of the two are also different.

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Product Parameter









Organic acid


1.542 g/cm³


soluble in water


175 ℃


153 ~159 ℃

Product Usage


Food additive

Used in food industry, such as acid, solvent, buffer, antioxidant, deodorant, flavor enhancer, gelling agent, toner and so on.

[Mainly used in food additives for carbonated drinks, juice drinks, lactic acid drinks and other cool drinks and pickled products]

[The addition of citric acid to canned fruits can maintain or improve the flavor of fruits by increasing the acidity of certain fruits with low acidity in canning (reducing pH), weakening the heat resistance of microorganisms and inhibiting their growth, and preventing the bacterial swelling and destruction that often occurs in canned fruits with low acidity.]

[The addition of citric acid as a sour agent in candy is easy to coordinate with fruit taste. The use of citric acid in gel food paste and jelly can effectively reduce the negative charge of pectin, so that the hydrogen bond between pectin molecules can gel. In the processing of canned vegetables, an alkaline reaction, the use of citric acid as a pH adjustment agent can not only play a role in seasoning, but also maintain its quality.]

[Citric acid has chelating and regulating pH value properties, so that it can increase the performance of antioxidant in the processing of frozen food, inhibit enzyme activity, and extend the shelf life of food.]


Citric acid is a kind of fruit acid, the main function is to accelerate the renewal of keratin, often used in lotions, creams, shampoos, whitening products, anti-aging products, acne products.

[Used as experimental reagent, chromatographic reagent and biochemical reagent] [Used as complexing agent, masking agent; used to prepare buffer solution]

[The use of citric acid or citrate as a washing aid can improve the performance of washing products, can quickly precipitate metal ions, prevent pollutants from reattaching to the fabric, maintain the necessary alkaline washing; make dirt and ash dispersed and suspended; improve the performance of surfactants]

[It is an excellent chelating agent; it can be used as a reagent for testing the acid resistance of building ceramic tiles] [Buffer for flue gas desulfurization, SO2 absorption rate is high, is a very valuable development of desulfurization absorbent] [In dyeing finishing, finishing is usually carried out after dyeing. Due to the simultaneous cross-linking process in finishing, it is mainly used for cotton, cotton blended fabrics, silk, wool and viscose fibers.]

[ As a formaldehyde-free dyeing finishing agent ]

[Non-toxic plasticizer for PVC and cellulose plastic film for food packaging ]

Optimized soil

Citric acid can be complexed with metal ions on soil surface in salinized soil, which can effectively reduce ion concentration and activity, and is an effective complexing agent. Citric acid can alleviate soil salt damage and is an excellent complexing agent.

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