Active Poly Sodium Metasilicate

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It is an efficient, instant phosphorus free washing aid and an ideal substitute for 4A zeolite and sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP). Has been widely used in washing powder, detergent, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and textile auxiliaries and other industries.

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White powder

Content ≥ 99%

 (Scope of application reference ‘product usage’)

The product has higher complexing capacity with calcium and magnesium than 4A zeolite, which is equivalent to STPP. It has the characteristics of fast softening water speed, strong capacity and wide temperature range. It has good compatibility with various surfactants (especially non-ionic surfactants), and has independent decontamination ability. Can be dissolved in water, 100ml water can dissolve more than 15g. It has good properties of infiltration, emulsification, suspension and deposition resistance to dirt, and strong PH buffering ability. High efficiency, environmental protection, cost-effective. In the production, it can significantly improve the flow of the slurry, increase the solid content of the slurry, reduce energy consumption, and significantly reduce the production cost of washing powder.

EVERBRIGHT® ‘ll also provide customized :content/whiteness/particlesize/PHvalue/color/packagingstyle/ packaging specifications and other specific products that are more suitable for your use conditions , and provide free samples.

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2.413 g/cm³


Soluble in water





Product Usage



Thickening effect

Layered sodium silicate has good thickening properties and can be used as a thickening agent for various liquids, so that the liquid has high viscosity and rheological properties. It has good stability, is not easy to precipitate and stratification, and can also play a good role in the preparation of high viscosity substances.


Layered composite sodium silicate can disperse particles evenly, prevent particles from gathering, improve the stability of materials, and solve the problem of high and low levels of materials. In the field of cosmetics, it can fully disperse pigments to make cosmetics bright and transparent.

Increase adhesion

Layered composite sodium silicate has excellent adhesion, which can be easily adhered and evenly distributed after being added to a variety of materials, thus enhancing the adhesion between materials. In the field of coatings, it can strengthen the adhesion and smoothness of coatings, and improve the durability and stability of coatings.

Wetting effect

Layered sodium silicate composite has good wettability and permeability, and can penetrate into the inside of the material to provide sufficient wetting effect for the material. In the field of plastic processing, it can improve the compatibility between plastic tougheners and plastics, reduce viscosity, and improve melt fluidity.



In the field of coating processing, layered sodium silicate composite can be used as filler, thickener, etc. It can reduce the rheology of the coating, improve the brushing property and adhesion of the coating, and has a wide range of applications in wall decoration and other fields.


Layered composite sodium silicate can be used as dispersant and thickener in the field of plastic processing. It can improve the stability of the filling, increase the strength and hardness of the plastic, and improve the low temperature performance of the plastic.


In the field of textile processing, layered composite sodium silicate can be used as dispersant, thickener, antistatic agent, etc. It can improve the fiber porosity, increase the dye adsorption rate, but also improve the texture and color of the fabric. In short, as an important functional material, laminar composite sodium silicate can play an important role in cosmetics, coatings, plastics, textiles and other fields. It has a variety of functions such as thickening, dispersing, and enhancing adhesion, and there are different application methods and dosages in different application fields.


As an important component of cosmetics, layered composite sodium silicate can be used as emulsifier, thickener, dispersant, etc. It can increase the viscosity of the product, maintain liquid stability, improve the wettability and transparency of the product, and can give full play to the role of the active ingredient.

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