Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) is good or bad common identification method?

First, we need to understand the characteristics of polyaluminum chloride. It is a yellow to red odorless solution or solid powder with efficient flocculation. However, the color is too bright polyaluminum products, it is likely to be added dyes, may be harmful to the human body. In addition, the concentration of the product is too low to use, too high is prone to pipeline blockage, so it is necessary to reasonably choose the dosage of flocculant.

Secondly, it can be distinguished by observing the basicity of polyaluminum chloride products. If the base of salt is low, the aluminum content is high, which is suitable for acid sewage; On the contrary, the higher the basicity, the higher the iron content, suitable for alkaline sewage.


In addition, it can be distinguished by observing the hydrolysis rate of the product. In general, products with a slower hydrolysis rate will have lighter alum,

while products with a faster hydrolysis rate will have heavier alum.


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