Details of using Cation polyacrylamide

Cation  polyacrylamide belongs to one of the many polyacrylamide, but in the process of use, many users do not understand the relevant knowledge and use of its products, so that they can not meet the needs of users, so in order to better use the product, the next on its use precautions are introduced.


First, pay attention to the diameter of the polyacrylamide flocculation group


In the actual production application, if the flocculation mass volume is small, it will affect the efficiency of drainage, if the flocculation mass diameter is large, it will reduce the drying degree of mud cake, which will have higher water content, and the pressed mud will contain high water. Therefore, it is important to select the molecular weight of polyacrylamide.


Second, understand the characteristics of sludge


Before purchasing polyacrylamide, we should understand the source of sludge and the content ratio of various components of sludge, according to the corresponding data analysis, to understand what kind of treatment method should be used for different types of sludge, among which the common classification of sludge is organic and inorganic.


Under normal circumstances, everyone uses precipitation positive ion polyacrylamide to treat organic sludge, anionic PAM treatment of inorganic sludge efficiency will be higher, and the acid base degree of sludge is also a reference standard, when the acidity is very strong, choose cationic products.


Third, the strength of polyacrylamide flocculation group


We should also pay attention to the strength of flocculation in production and application, and the evaluation criterion is that it will not be broken under the conditions of a certain direction of the force. The selection of high-quality precipitated positive ionic polyacrylamide can ensure that the flocculation is more stable, and the selection of appropriate molecular structure and molecular weight will affect the stability of the flocculation.


Fourth, the ionic degree of polyacrylamide


Before the treatment of sludge, we must first dissolve drugs with different ionic degrees in the laboratory according to experience, respectively add sludge samples, according to the reaction of drugs and mud, through comparison, choose the appropriate cost-effective model, which can reduce our product dosage and greatly reduce our treatment costs.

Post time: Sep-27-2023