Configuration concentrations for anionic polyacrylamide applications

Anionic polyacrylamide is mainly used for strengthening flocculation of sewage, it has the characteristics of polymer electrolyte in neutral and alkaline medium, sensitive to salt electrolytes, and high price metal ions can be cross-linked into insoluble gel, which is mainly used for domestic production water, industrial and urban sewage treatment, and can also be used for inorganic sludge dehydration.

Three main application areas of anionic polyacrylamide:

In the casting and metal manufacturing industry, it is used for the purification of gas washing water in open hearth furnace, the clarification of waste water in powder metallurgy plants and pickling plants, the purification of electrolytes and the clarification of electroplating waste liquid

In mining, it is used for coal washing water clarification and flotation tailings, clean coal filtration, tailings (slag) dehydration, flotation tailings clarification, concentrate thickening and filtration, potassium alkali hot melt and flotation processing fluid clarification, fluorite and barite flotation tailings clarification, raw brine for salt processing, sludge dehydration clarification and phosphate mine recovery water treatment.

In urban and industrial wastewater treatment, it is used to improve the removal of suspended solids, BOD and phosphate in wastewater. By adding 0.25mg/L hydrolyzed polyacrylamide to the primary wastewater sedimentation tank, the removal rates of suspended matter and BOD can be increased to 66% and 23%, respectively. By adding 0.3mg/L anionic polyacrylamide to the secondary wastewater treatment sedimentation tank, the removal rate of suspended matter and BOD can be increased to 87% and 91%, respectively, and the phosphorus removal effect can be increased from 35% to 91%. In the treatment of drinking water and domestic wastewater, it is used for surface clarification, clarification of flushing wastewater and filtrate adjustment.

The solubility of anionic polyacrylamide preparation is introduced:

1, used in sewage settlement, the recommended ratio concentration of 0.1%

2, first evenly sprinkle the powder in tap water, and stir at a medium speed of 40-60 RPM to make the polymer fully dissolved in water before it can be added.

3, During the experiment, take 100ml wastewater, add 10% polyacrylamide solution, and slowly stir, use a syringe to slowly add PAM solution, 0.5ml each time, according to the size of the generated alum flower and the closeness of the flocculant, the clarity of the supernitant, the sedimentation rate, the dosage to determine the appropriate agent.

Post time: Sep-27-2023