Cocamidopropyl betaine briefly
Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAB) is a kind of zionic surfactant, light yellow liquid, the specific state is shown in the figure below, the density is close to water, 1.04 g/cm3. It has excellent stability under acidic and alkaline conditions, showing positive and anionic properties respectively, and is often used with negative, cationic and non-ionic surfactants.

Production technology of cocamidopropyl betaine
Cocamidopropyl betaine was prepared from coconut oil by condensation with N and N dimethylpropylenediamine and quaternization with sodium chloroacetate (monochloroacetic acid and sodium carbonate). The yield was about 90%. The specific steps are to put equal molar methyl cocoate and N, n-dimethyl-1, 3-propylenediamine into the reaction kettle, add 0.1% sodium methanol as a catalyst, stir at 100 ~ 120 ℃ for 4 ~ 5 h, steam the by-product methanol, and then treat the amide tertiary amine. Then the amido-tertiary amine and sodium chloroacetate were put into a salt kettle, and the cocaminopropyl betaine was prepared according to the process conditions of dimethyldodecyl betaine.
Properties and applications of cocamidopropyl betaine
CAB is an amphoteric surfactant with good cleaning, foaming and conditioning properties, and good compatibility with anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants. This product is less irritating, mild performance, delicate and stable foam, suitable for shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, etc., can enhance the softness of hair and skin. When combined with an appropriate amount of anionic surfactant, this product has obvious thickening effect, and can also be used as a conditioner, wetting agent, fungicide, antistatic agent, etc. Due to its good foaming effect, it is widely used in oil field exploitation. Its main function is to act as viscosity reducing agent, oil displacement agent and foam agent, and make full use of its surface activity to infiltrate, penetrate and peel the crude oil in the oil-bearing mud to improve the recovery rate of the three production.

Product characteristics of cocamidopropyl betaine

1. Excellent solubility and compatibility;
2. Excellent foaming property and significant thickening property;
3. With low irritability and bactericidal properties, the compatibility can significantly improve the softness, conditioning and low temperature stability of washing products;
4. It has good hard water resistance, antistatic property and biodegradability.
Use of cocamidopropyl betaine
Widely used in the preparation of middle and high grade shampoo, body wash, hand sanitizer, foam cleanser and household detergent; It is the main ingredient in preparing mild baby shampoo, baby foam bath and baby skin care products. An excellent soft conditioner in hair and skin care formulations; It can also be used as detergent, wetting agent, thickening agent, antistatic agent and fungicide.

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